Maggi Banned!!!

Maggi is not just a 2-minute noddle but a luxury to which every Indians sentiments attached. Growing up eating Maggi, life seems unimaginable without it.
Are celebrities endorsing these brands not responsible?When are beloved celebrities endorse a brand it is an assurance that it is the best product for us.Yes,celebs need to take responsibility over what they put their brand value on.Jumping in the controversy FSSAI said endorses are liable to pay large amounts as a indemnity. Though celebs should be responsible over what they put their brand value on but charging them for it unfair. FSSAI should understand the need of hour that is to find whether lead content is there or not and take apt decision.I expect free and fair tests should be conducted and if anything is found wrong, Nestle should fix it and get Maggi back in market.
LATEST:Hindustan Unilever Limited(HUL) recalls its product “Knorrr soupy noddles”.


The Frozen Review

A Disney movie, that broke all records and left every viewer craving for more, Frozen. The story of the movie is adapted from the book “The Snow Queen” portrays the love of two princesses, ¬†Elsa and Auna. The emotional journey of a viewer while watching the movie is a lifetime experience. The animation in the movie is commendable. The mesmerizing songs like “Let it go” were like cherry on the cake. After examining all perspectives it can be said, that the movie was an exception work of the Disney production.
Let It Go!